10th International Criminal Justice Conference



Department of Justice and Community Safety
Email: Alfie.A.Oliva@justice.vic.gov.au  
Web: www.justice.vic.gov.au/careers/careers-in-forensic-intervention-services 

The Department of Justice and Community Safety leads the delivery of justice and community safety services to build a safer, fairer and stronger Victoria.

The Corrections and Justice Services (CJS) group, within the Department of Justice and Community Safety, plays an integral role in developing safer and more resilient communities and in delivering a trusted justice and community safety system.

The group oversees three key areas: Corrections Victoria is responsible for the direction and management of Victoria’s adult corrections system and post-sentence scheme. Justice Health contributes to the health and rehabilitation of youth and adult offenders. Justice Services work collaboratively with communities and program areas to deliver effective justice services to meet local needs and priorities. CJS also oversees the regional delivery of broader justice services for the Department.

Corrections Victoria provides a wide range of program opportunities for prisoners to assist in their rehabilitation and successful return to the community after release from custody. The department has been a pioneer in therapeutic interventions, following the establishment of Forensic Intervention Services in 2019. Forensic Intervention Services is a specialist program within Corrections Victoria, and engages offenders who have histories of violent, sexual, alcohol and other drug-related crime in clinical therapy.

Forensic Intervention Services is also responsible for Restorative Justice programs involving adults under sentence for both Corrections Victoria and Justice Services.

The overarching purpose of the correctional system is to promote community safety through community-based and custodial supervision of prisoners and offenders through effective management and services to provide opportunities for rehabilitation and reparation.

We are proud to be considered industry innovators in custodial and clinical services.

It is the department’s privilege to be a major sponsor of the 10th International Criminal Justice Conference and to share the many career options available within our workforce.


Bonterra Tech
Email: nick.smithwick@bonterratech.com
Number: +61 415 293 165

Best known in Australia for Penelope, there have been a number of changes this year that have helped us grow and continue to develop our products and services in Australia and New Zealan.

In March 2022, the technology and people behind Social Solutions, along with CyberGrants, EveryAction, Network for Good, and their respective entities, came together as Bonterra. Bonterra, which stems from the French word for “good” (bon) and the Latin word for “land” (terra) represents the exponential good that can be accomplished with the right foundation and supports the company’s purpose to power those who power social impact.

Bonterra’s technology collectively helps over 15,000 nonprofit customers connect with donors and volunteers, distribute funds, fundraise, manage casework, and measure impact, and it supports over 50 percent of the Fortune 100’s corporate philanthropy programs. In 2021 alone, Bonterra’s technology solutions were used by more than 19,000 customers to direct giving of over $7.4 billion to more than 225,000 nonprofit organizations.

Our Australia-based team of 16 industry professionals specifically supports agencies in the Australia and New Zealand regions. With 75 years of experience working for or in nonprofits in the Community Services Sector, our ANZ-based team is dedicated to enabling and elevating the hardworking people behind social good organizations by supporting them with best-in-class tools and technology.

We believe that technology and data are simply unmatched in their ability to scale operations quickly and help social good organizations serve more people. Our intuitive technology makes the work behind social good easier, more efficient, and more effective. Learn more at bonterratech.com.

Email: trav@duress.com
Number: +61 429 854 282

We are a people-centric technology company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Since we began 5 years ago, we have constantly pushed the boundaries of what technology can do to keep people safer. Through our partnerships with government, corporate, and community organisations, we have been able to learn exactly what users, team leaders and corporate want and need out of a safety platform.

We pioneered live video streaming as well as emergency services escalation and verification, and more recently wearables and internal notifications.

We have now integrated machine learning into our check-in functionality, allowing users to be kept safe without the need for any input, as well as developing incredible location accuracy, which now includes level and room detail, location reviews and auto safety updates.

We are now utilised by organisations across Australia, including the Department of Justice, Department of Defence, Department of Family and Community Services, Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, Telstra, Salvation Army, Boeing and many more.

Duress has designed and developed out flagship products:
Duress Pathfinder (Realtime safety dashboard)
Duress Falcon (4G Watch)
Duress Phoenix (Fall Detection, Automatic Check In)
Duress Eagle (Body Worn Camera)
Duress Halo (Ring for Domestic Violence)

McCormack Housing
Email: info@mccormackhousing.org.au
Number: +61 428 070 396


A subsidiary of ACSO, McCormack Housing was inspired by Stan McCormack’s original vision, to create safe, supportive accommodation for people exiting prison, as well those at risk of entering the justice system.

Formally established in 2016, McCormack Housing provides a wraparound service model ofbetween six to 12 months of stable accommodation. During this time, tenancy officers work closely with participants, identifying needs and creating tailored housing plans to exit tenants into safe, affordable, and accessible housing.

McCormack Housing also provide support beyond housing goals, including forensic case management for individualised care that allows tenants to thrive, achieve life skills and gain independence.


Neatline Homes
Email: helma@neatlinehomes.com.au
Number: +61 3 5823 1547 

Neatline Homes is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional process of building or buying a home or commercial building.

Formed with the values of design, innovation, and sustainability, Neatline Homes combines our extensive experience and collaborations in the creation and production of our modular buildings.

Locally owned and operated, we deliver our buildings across Victoria and into Southern Regional NSW. Our buildings are prefabricated in our 6000 m2 facility in Kialla VIC, before they are delivered to your site and installed for you. This allows us a higher level of quality control, and it means a simpler and easier to manage site for you, with minimal on-site works.

Our homes range from one-bedroom units right through to four-bedroom family homes. We also complete custom designs making it possible for us to work with you to create your dream home.

Neatline Homes has also extensive experience in a diverse range of customised, innovative, and functional workspaces including:
• Prefab Office Buildings
• Modular Health Care Buildings
• Sporting Pavilions
• Education Facilities - including customised schools with general purpose classrooms and specialised learning areas
• Amenities & Facilities Buildings
• Worker’s Accommodation
• Social Housing
• Accessible Living Design.

Our dedicated project manager understands that each project is unique and will work with you and our architect to ensure that we understand and meet your modular building requirements.

The Neatline Homes team are happy to talk with you about your ideas and the way that Neatline Homes approaches design and construction, and to walk you through our processes for design, construction, and installation.

Contact our team to make an appointment to discuss your project in more detail!


Email: dmashhour@caraniche.com.au
Number: +61 416 711 062

Caraniche has been delivering innovative psychological and behavioural health services for almost 30 years. Formed in Melbourne by a group of recently graduated women committed to making high quality, independent psychological services accessible to disadvantaged and at-risk clients, Caraniche began by designing and delivering rehabilitation programs in the prison system. Soon after, we extended our services into the community. Over the years, the demand for our combination of evidence-based program design and skilled, authentic clinicians has grown across the community, government and corporate sectors. That work continues today through a range of innovative services, all with the unifying aim of having positive client and customer outcomes.

Our Services
Caraniche offers a range of services tailored to our broad client base. They all utilise our specialist skills and extensive experience, resulting in highly effective programs to help people get their lives back on track.

KickStart is one of our flagship products.It’s a transformative community-based offender program that changes lives. A suite of highly successful programs, KickStart is designed to deliver tangible results for individuals with alcohol and/or other drugs issues and offending behaviour. Caraniche has recently adapted the program for digital delivery, offering greater accessibility and flexibility for clients engaging in the program remotely.A pilot of the online experience has been completed, with positive feedback from clients and facilitators alike. Importantly, the trial also saw higher levels of engagement and an 89% completion rate of the program.

“At the heart of everything we do are connections that better lives” – Jacinta Pollard, MD & Co-Founder


Latitude Network
Email: russ@latitude.network

Latitude Network is a social impact consultancy.

We help social service providers use their data and business intelligence to build the systems and lead the thinking that creates real, measurable change and which underpins financial viability.

We can:

  • Design and negotiate compelling programs and proposals that engage funders and deliver social impact;
  • Equip you with the tools and capabilities to be outcomes-focused and deliver high impact services;
  • Design and develop the data systems that provide live, relevant information and evidence to decision makers that empowers staff and advances your mission; &
  • Use modern analytic tools, including machine learning, to find patterns and insights in data and deliver practical improvements to performance and client impact.

We work best in areas of high policy and service complexity, where cross-sector integration and performance-management is critical and where the policy challenge and funding pathway is most difficult.

We work with organisations to become evidence-driven, data-led, outcomes-focused and high-performing.