10th International Criminal Justice Conference


The 10th International Criminal Justice Conference will host a Pre- Conference Masterclasses at the Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne on Tuesday 22nd November 2022. The Masterclass will be from 9am - 12pm and is $150 to attend.


Date & Time: 9am - 12pm, Tuesday 22nd November 2022
Venue: The Edge, Federation Square Melbourne
Address: Flinders Street, Federation Square Grove (Conference Venue)
Tickets: $150 to attend this Masterclass only, or $290 to attend both Masterclasses

Masterclass One Title: Restorative Justice

During this Masterclass, hosted by the Department of Justice and Community Safety, participants will learn and develop their knowledge and skills around Restorative Justice (RJ) including:
  • An examination of concepts such as right relations and undisputed harm and the theories behind transformational moments
  • Unpacking the nuances of how adult post-sentence RJ referrals and processes operate in Victoria in the correctional space including trauma informed practices
  • Examining the benefits for victims (persons harmed) and benefits for the person responsible
  • Exploring current research findings on the operation of RJ to date and the pros and cons of using recidivism as a measure of RJ
  • Exploring the role of supporters and the care community

Who is this for?
  • Those interested in RJ regardless of their level of knowledge
  • Any professional or Executive in government or NFPs considering implementing a restorative process
  • Practitioners wanting to get a better understanding of how to apply the theories and research in practice
Masterclass Structure
This session will be an interactive presentation and participants will be seated in small numbers to facilitate conversation and group tasks. Following the principles of restorative practice, the Masterclass will be a safe space where all questions and contributions are welcomed and participants will have a say in what topics are discussed. It will explore some of the key, but often little discussed, elements of restorative justice practice and use deidentified case studies to illustrate important points.

Participants will leave the Masterclass with:

  • An example of how to integrate a standardised RJ process into a corrections environment
  • An appreciation of the importance of identifying and working with key stakeholders
  • An overall view of restorative justice combined with detailed knowledge of some key areas
  • A reference list and number of key themes to explore to begin or continue their RJ journey
Sponsored by the Department of Justice and Community Safety.


Trevor has worked in the Criminal Justice system for over 20 years in equal measure with both people harmed and the people responsible for harm. Trevor has specialized in the fields of Family Violence and Restorative Justice for the past 10 years.

Trevor has gained his experience in Restorative Justice in Western Australia working in the youth justice space and in the ACT working predominantly with adults. He has convened many conferences across all offence types including sexual offences and Family Violence referrals.

Now located in Victoria, Trevor is a Principal Clinician in the Forensic Intervention Services and is the primary point of contact for all Restorative Justice matters involving adults in Corrections and Justice Services. Trevor is overseeing several restorative projects that will be delivered in the prisons and community over the next several years.


Charleen completed a Masters and PhD in Forensic Psychology. She has worked across both the private and public sectors for the past 10 years, including Port Phillip Prison, Community Corrections, Ravenhall Correctional Centre and Barwon prison. She has also worked at Caraniche and in private practice.

Throughout this time, Charleen has gained extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of violence, drug and alcohol and more recently sex offender cohorts. She is currently a principal clinician, working state-wide across the various prison and community based locations.